Our mission

Liberate and Empower Human Social Capital

MProfy empowers people to own their digital assets in a decentralised ecosystem based on NFT infrastructure.

The full power of

Web3 is no longer an idea of the future. It is present and will become the dominant technology in the coming years. Mprofy redefines ownership by using NFTs and decentralization to create an empowering, transparent, collaborative system.

Advantages of Mprofy

By joining the Mprofy universe, you regain control over
your digital social capital.


On Chain Community

We create a global community of micro influencers, creators and entrepreneurs.



By owning an NFT, you gain access to a platform where you control your assets.



Information is the basis of all growth.



We focus on the unlimited possibilities of a completely decentralised network.



Online entertainment through games or content creation as a value for the community, owned by its creators.


Incubation ecosystem

An ecosystem where future businesses are born and grow.

Tomorrow’s Model

An ecosystem where the user is the owner. Where creators, creatives, investors, and entrepreneurs coexist, collaborate, and grow without limits. Web3 is a free, multi-dimensional, decentralized, and empowering space.

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the Community

Here are some of the experiences of current members of the
Mprofy community

Web 3 is the future, and Mprofy offers an innovative model.

Nick Green


Thanks to Mprofy, I am creating my network of business contacts in a safe place.

Dora Adams

HR manager

I have always feared that all my work would disappear because a company would lose my information. With Mprofy, I know I no longer have to fear.

Paul Rojers

Project manager

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